We have 2 classes, Touring Blinky and Touring Boosted. Both run 13.5T brushless motors. Touring Blinky use Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) in Blinky mode, clearly identified by a flashing (blinking) light on the speedo. In Touring Boosted, ESC’s that have boost modes enabled are allowed.

Any make of 1/10th scale Touring Car can be used.

Any 1/10th TC Bodyshell can be used, cut out neatly to ensure there are no sharp edges.

Any rubber slick tyre allowed. No foams or spiked/treaded tyres.

2s 7.4v Lipo batteries can be used, All Lipo’s Must be Hard Cased.

Weight Limit, minimum 1350g. Minimum ride height 5mm (inc chassis and bodyshell).

Includes all Tamiya 'M' Chassis derivatives, MO1, MO2, MO3, MO4, MO5, MO6 etc. Standard Tamiya kit 540, sports tuned, Saturn 20t or 17.5T Brushless motors. Testing has shown little difference in performance between them. The intention of this class is to be fun. If further rules around motors are needed in the future we’ll review this at the time. 6 cell Nicd, Nimh, and hard cased 2s 7.4v Lipo’s can be used.

Any mini rubber tyre on 42mm rim can be used. No double inserts or Foam tyres permitted.

The Club Committee fully accept that there are a number of other “Mini style” RC chassis’ on the market, but if possible we would like to keep it to the popular Tamiya kits to keep things on a level playing field. However, if you have something that you would like to race in the Mini Class, at the discretion of the Club Committee we may allow something which has similar performance to the Tamiya Cars so please get in contact and ask.

Weight Limit, minimum 1150g. Minimum ride height 4mm (inc chassis and bodyshell).

If you have not raced before or it’s been a while and you’d like some practice, then the Novice class is for you. Any type of electric car is allowed. As for motor’s, we recommend you use a standard 540 silver can kit motor or similar low power motor to keep the speed controllable.

Any commercially available GT12 car can be used, 1S 3.7v LiPo batteries, 13.5T brushless motors, blinky mode speed controls (ESC) Only.

GT12 foam tyres only. Additive is allowed (please see the Additive section for more info)

Bodyshells must be realistic ‘GT’ style with a maximum width of 165mm

Weight Limit minimum 950g. Minimum ride height 4mm (inc chassis and bodyshell).

Any Commercially available 1/12th car can be used. 1S 3.7v LiPo batteries only, 13.5T brushless motors, blinky mode speed controls (ESC) and foam tyres.

Weight Limit minimum 730g. Minimum ride height 3.5mm (inc chassis and bodyshell).

This class is for running Tamiya TT-01/TT-01e trucks, it is seen as a fun class and for this we are saying to keep the trucks kit standard as they come out of the box, the following changes are allowed:

  • Speedo - Can either be the kit Tamiya one (if running non lipo batteries) or the Hobbywing 1060 (if your running lipo batteries)
  • Oil Filled Shocks
  • Bearing kits
  • Turnbuckle Kit
  • M-Chassis Wheels
  • Alloy Prop Shaft
  • Tamiya & Montech Shells are allowed
  • Diff grease but NO locked diffs
  • For more information or if your unsure then please speak to the race director or any DMCRC committee member.